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Suffolk Rug Care are specialists in the delicate cleaning of Oriental, Persian, Handmade and Machine made rugs.

SONY DSCOur dedicated family run business takes pride in the cleaning of delicate rugs in Suffolk and North Essex. Working to Woolsafe qualifications, IICRC and NCCA approved standards, we are one of Suffolk’s only dedicated rug cleaning specialists. If you need Rug Cleaning in Ipswich, Woodbridge,Colchester or Stowmarket give Suffolk Rug Care a call.

Suffolk Rug Care’s free inspections along with free collection and delivery make for a truly personal service from start to finish. With a professional rug cleaning service providing care and quality for all type of rugs: from natural fibres like 100 % Wool, Wool-rich, Cottons and Silks through to  Nylons, Polypropylene, Viscose and Linen, etc., we can safely clean them using one of our processes.

Rugs can be extremely valuable and sentimental which is why we offer to carefully  roll, collect and deliver your prized items  fully insured by one of our dedicated specialists.

We can remove soiling from years of traffic, treat odour problems, apply stain removal techniques, provide smoke and water damage treatments and carry out fringe brightening.

Our many testimonials can be seen on our Checkatrade profile where reviews from our fitted carpet, fabric, leather and curtain cleaning services can be found too.


We can care for all hand made and machine made woven and tufted rugs

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Arrange a free inspection to have your rug carefully cleaned and restored with ease. Rug Cleaning in Ipswich. Woodbridge Rug Cleaning and Stowmarket Rug Cleaning

Rugs from around the world have been made in varying conditions and on various looms, using different natural and synthetic dyes. Many countries use different materials for the foundations and tufts, creating beautiful works of art that can take years to produce. Many have unstable dye sites that require a lot of care and attention to detail – some rugs are tea washed and chemically washed to give the desired effect – ready to be purchased with just the right look or feel for someones home.

We know what goes into the construction of rugs, which is why we have developed tailored processes to clean and restore them, without putting them at risk. From hand made antique village rugs with unstable vegetable dyes to modern machine made rugs, our inspection will identify all possible areas of concern before we carry out any cleaning process to ensure the rug is in the best hands.

We can care for hand made and machine made woven and tufted rugs sourced from many countries including:


  • Afghanistan rugs
  • Iranian rugs
  • Turkish rugs
  • Saudi Arabian rugs
  • Caucasus rugs
  • Chinese rugs
  • Indian rugs
  • Pakistani rugs
  • Tibetan rugs
  • Nepalese rugs
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Belgium Woven rugs
  • British Woven rugs
  • French rugs
  • Portuguese woven rugs
  • Spanish woven rug
  • Peruvian woven rugs
  • Canadian woven and tufted rugs
  • American rugs inc Navajo Rugs
  • Mexican rugs.

Rug Cleaning Services in Suffolk and North Essex

Specialist rug cleaning that exceeds Woolsafe's high standards

The cleaning of machine made and traditional fine woven rugs requires a delicate process to remove dry grit and dirt, along with greasy soils from everyday use that they hide extremely well. Our processes vary from rug to rug depending on a number of key factors – from how its been constructed, how the fibres have been dyed through to the history over its lifetime. Our specialist rug cleaning service meets the Woolsafe organisation’s high standards to clean safely – leaving all fibres in their natural best state for resistance in the future. Below is the most common practice of cleaning rugs, with exceptions to the more delicate silks and colour fast fibres etc., that may be dry cleaned.


Hand Detailing for delicate weaves

instectingFor each and every rug we clean, we treat them as a unique job and don’t use the same processes each time. Every rug is different and some have extremely delicate and fragile weaves. Rugs such as these call for extreme attention to detail by hand so as not to damage the fibres. As some rugs are worth many thousands of pounds skilled hand detailing is necessary otherwise they may be ruined forever. At Suffolk Rug Care all the rugs we clean are inspected to determine the process needed to restore their beauty.

Free inspection and quotation

instectingOur free initial inspection only takes a few minutes. Establishing the type of cleaning process required ensures your complete satisfaction. It helps us provide a tailored service for restoring your rug’s fibres and construction – giving it a new lease of life. The costs differ from rug to rug depending on a number of underlying factors e.g., in the type of backing, previous cleaning history, age, etc.

Free collection at a time to suit you

SONY DSCRugs can be very heavy, difficult to move and hard to transport. We will arrange to collect your rug at a time convenient to you and we are also flexible in when we can carry out inspections. All rugs are insured during transportation and will only be collected by a technician to ensure a safe journey. Suffolk Rug Care is set up to collect and deliver rugs of any size. We can collect rugs for cleaning in the Ipswich, Colchester, Woodbridge, Stowmarket and greater Suffolk and North Essex areas free of charge.

Rug dusting

SONY DSCThe complete removal of the dry grit and dirt that hides in the fibres and construction will ensure first class results in the later stages. If the dry soil is not removed completely it may wick to the surface upon drying or will give a dull look in the fibres when the natural light hits it. Our new, dedicated rug dusting machine uses the power of over 40,000 harmonic vibrations/min to completely separate heavy sediments and dirt from any part of a rug. With all the dry soil and harmful elements removed first, the following processes are far more effective.

Power vacuum

1797596_456789907789092_2335852781248060569_nVacuuming the rug on top and bottom will remove any hairs or loose soil ready for the next process.

loosen suspended soil

10482195_528363867298362_2237907805256686335_nSome fibres will attract and absorb greasy soils more readily. Upon identification of the fibres, we will have selected the correct pre-treatment to loosen the soiling without causing damage to more sensitive weaves like Wool, Nylon, Cotton and Viscose. The incorrect identification could lead to colour loss, colour migration or browning from the fibres.

Rinse and remove soil and cleaning agent

10530713_490629454405137_3127173329616556095_nOnce all the soil in your rug has been loosened, the next stage is to rinse it all off. This process has no cleaning power and just takes away all the dirt and any pre-treatments leaving the fibres in their natural state. This ensures a soft and clean feel. The rinsing process will vary depending on the rug as some fibres, such as wool, need to be left in an acidic state for softness and resistance to soiling.

Bonnet fibres to check soiling

10610779_528363793965036_7784789792090123923_nUsing cotton pads we agitate the surface of the fibres, encouraging any soil at the base of deep piled rugs to wick to the top. If a wicking effect is to occur, we simply re-clean the fibres and repeat the previous processes.

Apply Protection (Scotchgard)

scotchgard-rugsRug fibres are very absorbent meaning they retain any soil dropped or walked onto them. Applying a protective barrier to the rug will help maintain its appearance while building in resistance to spills and spots. The barrier will help prevent any dyes leaching into the rug, which leaves permanent marking, allowing you time to clean your rug before any damage occurs.

Greasy soiling is also more easily removed with Scotchgard protection meaning future cleaning will be easier, quicker and less expensive. The life of protective barriers varies depending on the rug and the environment. but if a rug is maintained correctly using our maintenance cleaning process, a top up can be applied to keep your rug looking and feeling at its best.

Set pile

SONY DSCGrooming the fibres is a similar process to brushing or combing our own hair. This frees all the fibres ready to dry in the correct position.

Dry in humidity controlled room

All the rugs we clean are dried in our environmentally controlled drying room which provides suitable airflow and the correct relative humidity. Natural fibres absorb moisture from the the air and if this is not controlled they will end up feeling hard. Our drying room allows us to dry your rug quickly while maintaining its softness.


SONY DSCOnce dry, the rugs are inspected under powerful lighting to identify any problem areas that may have wicked to the surface. Any areas of concern will be dealt with and re-cleaned.

Package for transport

package-rug-for-transportWrapping of the rugs provides some protection whilst in transit and keeps the fibres away from further contaminants while in storage. Most rugs are not sealed completely, the ends are normally left open to allow air to pass and for the fibres to breathe.

Free delivery and laying

SONY DSCAfter your rug has been carefully cleaned, we want to make sure that it has been delivered safely and put back into place with the minimum of fuss. We will arrange a convenient time and day with free assistance to re-lay your rug.

Call Suffolk Rug Care Today on 01473 396706 or 07507 240226

Arrange a free inspection to have your rug carefully cleaned and restored with ease. Rug Cleaning in Ipswich. Woodbridge Rug Cleaning and Stowmarket Rug Cleaning

Suffolk Rug Care Stain Cleaning

Spill or a Spot?



If you have the remains of a spill causing a difference in colour, its removal is needed to see if a dye transfer has been caused. Best practice is to absorb any moisture with kitchen towels or white terry towels.

The more moisture that is left in the fibres, the higher the chance of a colour being left in the fibres so be patient. When all excess moisture has been removed, you may apply a light mist of water to the area and blot again. This is only advised if the colours are set in the rug and its a water based spill.


A spot will be everyday dirt adhering to an area that has a sticky property caused by something being dropped or spilt on the rug. If the stickiness is attracting a small amount of dirt then a small mist of water to the tip of the fibre followed by blotting out with a terry towel should reduce the mark.

Some cleaning products can leave their own residue meaning they can attract dirt and cause a dark spot to the area that was cleaned. The only way to remove this and stop it coming back is to have the area professionally treated.


If a spill has been agitated too much or a cleaning product that does not have the correct properties to break down the spillage is used, the dye from the liquid/dirt can “set” into the fibres turning the stain into something permanent.


Professional Removal of spots, spills and dyes-

At Suffolk Rug Care we are able to identify the fibres characteristics along with the properties of the original problem. This allows us to completely remove the remaining foreign object. After removal further processes may be required to remove dyes that are altering the original colours. These processes and techniques to remove damage to fibres can be both quick and simple and long and time consuming.

Call Suffolk Rug Care Today on 01473 396706 or 07507 240226

Arrange a free inspection to have your rug carefully cleaned and restored with ease.

Suffolk Rug Care Standards

The WoolSafe® Organisation10599250_509583119176437_1556548039578883461_n

The WoolSafe Organisation is a cleaning industry service provider, devoted to promoting best practice in carpet and rug care through maintenance product evaluation and certification, education and training

Established in 1991, the WoolSafe Certification Mark is widely recognised in many parts of the world as the standard for excellence and safety of carpet care chemicals, both for professionals and consumers. It is used by many of the world’s largest cleaning chemical suppliers to identify and promote those carpet care products specifically suitable for use on wool.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Certified technicians are trained to recognize different fibres, constructions and types of carpet and rugs, along with their potential problems. They have the equipment, training and experience to restore the beauty of carpet and rugs — improving the look of your home or business and protecting the indoor environment, as well as your investment.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association

The National Carpet Cleaners Association is the only nationally recognised trade association dedicated to the cleaning of carpets, hard flooring and soft furnishings.

The NCCA membership comprises fully insured companies and professionally trained technicians that follow a Code of Practice and are recommended for a full range of services related to the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.

Call Suffolk Rug Care Today on 01473 396706 or 07507 240226

Arrange a free inspection to have your rug carefully cleaned and restored with ease.


Our dedication is to our customers and listening to their comments and feedback helps potential customers to have a better feel about the services to expect.

Excellent prices, quality of work and general attitude of service. I would highly recommend this company - John, Halesworth

Good Quality Service

Very pleased with the service carried out, saved us having to go out and buy new rugs. Came out looked at the job that needed doing and gave us a quote and got us booked in for the following day - Sam, Felixstowe

Cleaned Living Room Rugs

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Suffolk Rug Care was started by Robert Reeve and is a trading name for UK Carpet Care Ltd – a small team of four dedicated to providing quality services in East Anglia.

Our Rug cleaning services have been established since 2007 by our team: Rob Reeve, Ashley Dowson, Giovanni Dedona and Rebecca Reeve. We look forward to speaking with you for any advice, questions, or inspection you may require.

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Where Is Suffolk Rug Care?

You can find us on Bramford Ipswich, Suffolk, however we work to appointments only. If you would like to decline our free collection and delivery service, please feel free to contact us to make an appointment to bring your rugs to us. We always welcome new faces to see our working area with different methods of cleaning being used daily that may be of some interest to you. Suffolk Rug Care provides Rug Cleaning in Ipswich, Woodbridge rug cleaning services and Stowmarket rug cleaning services. Our free delivery and collection of rugs for cleaning covers Suffolk and North Essex.


Call Suffolk Rug Care Today on 01473 396706 or 07507 240226

Arrange a free inspection to have your rug carefully cleaned and restored with ease.

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Welcome to Suffolk Rug Care’s Blog

Welcome to Suffolk Rug Care. We specialise in the cleaning of Oriental, Persian, Handmade and Machine made rugs in the Suffolk and North Essex areas.

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