If you have the remains of a spill causing a difference in colour, its removal is needed to see if a dye transfer has been caused. Best practice is to absorb any moisture with kitchen towels or white terry towels.

The more moisture that is left in the fibres, the higher the chance of a colour being left in the fibres so be patient. When all excess moisture has been removed, you may apply a light mist of water to the area and blot again. This is only advised if the colours are set in the rug and its a water based spill.


A spot will be everyday dirt adhering to an area that has a sticky property caused by something being dropped or spilt on the rug. If the stickiness is attracting a small amount of dirt then a small mist of water to the tip of the fibre followed by blotting out with a terry towel should reduce the mark.

Some cleaning products can leave their own residue meaning they can attract dirt and cause a dark spot to the area that was cleaned. The only way to remove this and stop it coming back is to have the area professionally treated.


If a spill has been agitated too much or a cleaning product that does not have the correct properties to break down the spillage is used, the dye from the liquid/dirt can “set” into the fibres turning the stain into something permanent.


Professional Removal of spots, spills and dyes-

At Suffolk Rug Care we are able to identify the fibres characteristics along with the properties of the original problem. This allows us to completely remove the remaining foreign object. After removal further processes may be required to remove dyes that are altering the original colours. These processes and techniques to remove damage to fibres can be both quick and simple and long and time consuming.

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